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A Sample Reading

Oracles have been used for thousands of years to help humankind connect with the Divine. Medicine people, Shamans, and Seer's know that symbology is a way to understand universal mysteries and allow the Great Mystery to speak to the minds, hearts, and reality of the Earth peoples. Know one knows when methodical layouts began to be used to decipher the universe, life experiences or to predict outcomes of present or future events. It is known, however, the layouts help focus the mind with the soul and the soul with the Spirit of Purpose. As a symbolist, I have used layouts for many years. They have helped me uncover my truth, open me to possibilities so I may use my creative imagination, and they have helped me engage in open inner communication with my higher self and the universe when I have been stifled through personal judgment and fear.

Layouts can be as simple as asking for information of the past, present and future, a yes or no answer, or simply a one card pull that represents what you need to concentrate on during a full day. Layouts can also be complex, soul awakening, and full guidance for a lifetime or a year-and-a-day. This sample layout has questions that reveal your innate power.

1. What is my innate power?
2. How is my innate power expressed emotionally?
3. How is my innate power expressed mentally?
4. How do I allow creative response to my power?
5. How do I allow intelligent use of my power?
6. How do I manifest my power in the world of form?

The following reading is done only once, but is to be worked on throughout your life. It reveals your innate power and how you use it.

Cards that reveal the answers to the question asked for a client:

1. WomanSpirit: Your innate power is the radiance of the Goddess. It is pure, unadulterated love.
2. Middle World. Your power is expressed emotional with stable, creative joy seeking fulfillment.
3. Neptunia reversed. Your innate power mentally holds the potential to be expressed from a higher state of consciousness capable of reviewing polarities and establishing reality. Care needs to be taken not to fall into illusion.
4. Holly. Your creative response to your power is bold, expressive, optimistic and talented.
5. Elder. Your intelligent use of your power comes through your ability to know when to be silent and listen for the inner guidance to direct your outcome.
6. Source. You manifest your power in the world of form by allowing the True Source of the Divine to flow through you and ground your manifest with perfection.

From the 1st card to the 6th card the ever present reality of That which is Above is That which is Below, and That which is Below is That Which is Above. Know and trust your inner spiritual qualities. Respond to them.

To use a layout effectively, it is important that you come to it with a respectful attitude, sacred alignment, and open mind. Creating a sacred space may be important to you. Candles, incense, a special table or cloth to lay your cards on may open you to a posture of spiritual purpose. A moment of prayerful connection with the Divine always assists in forming a channel where a vortex between you and the Goddess is set for the potent alliance of truth, love, and spiritual guidance. Whatever fits you best is what is right.

When doing a reading for someone else, always remember the importance of being a clear and open channel. That means that you don't carry your fears, challenges, or illnesses into the session. You open to the Goddess and allow the right information occur for you and the person you are assisting. Supplication to the Goddess for clarity, truth, healing and love is always encouraged.

Shuffle your cards or stir them as though they were in a cauldron. Keep them face down. Maintain your desire to choose the cards according to the layout and questions you desire answered. Choose and layout your cards face down, one-by-one as you ask each question. Don't turn them over until all questions are asked. In this way you won't subconsciously attempt to influence the answers. You will allow your inner knowing and the Divine Source to infiltrate the quest and direct the answer for the best good of all concerned.

Once the cards are pulled, turn them over and use your intuition to review each card. Look at the flow of questions and the answers given. Look for similarities in meanings, challenges that will form instruction, and other patterns being revealed. Take your time to read the cards, get the message and gain the insight. Don't rush. Let more and more surface from the true voice within. Review the meanings of the cards as they are described within the book. Overall, assess their meaning as they pertain to you or the person you are reading.

If you are drawing cards for yourself, write down the meanings that you have deciphered. Contemplate them. Question yourself or the oracle even more deeply so more insights or needed transformation can occur.

If you are drawing cards for another, take your time to discuss the meanings. Allow the inquirer to tell you what symbols speak out to her/him. Let them become involved. I prefer to have the querent pull their own cards. This allows their inner mind, soul and spirit-of-purpose to ascend and reflect through symbology. I have found that they take more responsibility for the reading and feel much more a part of the information gleaned. What they reap from the reading, they cultivate, cull, and transform.

Empowerment is what all readings are about. Empowerment is freedom. It is the encouragement of self-actualization. Through empowerment you and another feel the True You inside and live authentically through your Essential Being. A small but potent reading is provided for you to review. Create a Right of Power reading for yourself by the use of your oracles. Right of Power Each of us is born with an innate power to perform our life journeys with courage, strength and confidence.