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  • Moon Mother Alder - 2018

  • Ah, now, let’s review the Positive Karma of Alder, and remembering, we initiate the New Moon with the remaining influence of Ash/Neptunia. From the depths of the Ocean we rise up, like Poseidon, creating a water tornado after exploring the profundities of the darkest parts of the great sea. The tool of the Trident has led us to grasp the power of three states of consciousness: Personal, Subconscious, and Supernal Consciousness. If we took time to reverse the forces of challenge to the waves of deeper contemplation, then we likely have moved beyond the revolt of being victims of our unconscious. We thus, move into the power of the Primal Goddess. Our ordinary life has been shaken and now can bring about our revolutionary spirit that will indeed dissolve our old paradigms without forming more turbulent realities. Thus, the doorway of Alder opens!