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  • BE THE LIVING TREE, From Roots to Fruit You Are Divine

  • This book of the Tree of Life will guide through a simple understanding of this ancient philosophy, but more than that, it will assist you in truly learning your power as a creator.

  • SPICA - Way of Light University of Divinity - BE AWARE

  • Expanding your education in the field of Spiritual Philosophy take a huge leap in mystical wisdom when you enter this course of study. Healing, counseling, coaching and ministering others through your True Calling can be sealed with a Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degree.

  • Prospectus and Curriculum Catalogue

  • Expand your Education in the New Thought, Mystical Wisdom field. Review the Prospectus and Curriculum! Achieve a Bachelor, Master or Doctorate level degree in Spiritual Philosophy.


    Reiki I, II, III Certification Courses
    April 20 -22, 2018

  • Timeless Cryptograms of Healingâ„¢

  • Certification as a Codes of Healing Sound Practitioner - Master Cryptographer!

    Learn a new method of sound healing with tuning forks and Sacred Codes.

  • Salon of Inspiration - Thousand Oaks CA

  • Dreaming a powerful way to get in touch with your soul! These classes are intended to bring forward you soul intentions and blessings of universal oneness as we travel through the spheres and pathways of the Tree of Life.

  • Shamanic Workshop - Do You Hear the Call?

  • A Call from the Clan of Grandmothers
    Ancient ones from around the world gather to teach!

    * They call to the Hearts of Healers.
    * They call to the Tenacious Ones willing to pursue new ways for the world
    * They call through the Portals and Planes of the Universe

  • What's In Your Aura?

  • Our 2017 Annual Workshop presents:

    Our Coat of Many Colors. The Study of Rays of Light Vibrating Within Our Aura.

    Striations of color exists with meaning, messages, empowerment and challenges. Come and learn of the Light Rays you may be using throughout this incarnation!

    Your Deposit Secures your registration and opportunity!

  • Sessions with Katherine

  • Katherine offers many modalities of healing, counseling, spiritual coaching, channeling, astrology and other teachings. Puruse the flyer and call for the appointment that best suits you.

  • Mastering Consciousness

  • We continue to work with our intention to Master Conscious awareness and Be the Source that we are. Here is an article I wrote about a journey I made with my Guardian Malachi....enjoy

  • Life Coach - A Powerful Tool in your Toolbox

  • When was the last time you had someone Focus entirely on you–to help you get what your really want?

    A professional Life Coach can help you reach your goals in every area of your life.

  • Tibetan Chakra Therapy

  • Desiring to clear you inner path, recognize your Divine Self, be Empowered to live Authentically? Tibetan Chakra Therapy is a dynamic awakening of your Inner Power and can be done over the phone, in person, and via Skype.......

  • Esoteric Independent Studies

  • Inspired to know more? Directed to understand more that you are already feeling in your meditations and contemplation? These classes will help. Study at home for these are e-classes. Around the world or here in the United States, you can begin now.

  • Moon Phases

  • A journey through the lunar month allows our psyche to find natural rythm. Learn the 8 phases, and follow them each lunar cycle throughout the year.

  • Codex of Life

  • What is the New Codex that we are experiencing in our DNA and RNA? Check out this message....

  • Mysteries of your Birth

  • In our Spiritual philosophies that are birthed out of Mysticism, information comes forward to comprehend the enigma of Life. We know by this wisdom that we have a Pre-Birth experience: a time in the ethers; a space and event of living and planning for the next incarnation into matter. Then at the right time, right moment of the event of Conception our journey from non-matter begins. Imprints of Conscious Intent, lessons to be learned, all begin unfolding. Click on the title for a Reading of your Birth Mystery. It would be great to hear how your readings go....let us know through the Guestbook.