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Cosmic View - New Moon July 23, 2017

At 3:45:30 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time, the Moon joins the Sun at 00 degrees 44 minutes of Leo. A powerful alignment that stirs all of us into the action of Self. We most certainly will need to double check our lower ego state that may want to be the only one that others see as the most important person in the room. However, if you are a shy character, this can be a wonderful time to be seen as important as you display your confidence!

We enter the field of highly creative moments and receive accolades for what we have harvested through our talents. Most certainly, it is a good time to enjoy, be playful and open for creative inspiration. Of course, there is a forewarning within this New Moon energy……

The Sabian Message cornered by the Sun and Moon states: “An Epidemic of Mumps.” Oh, my an infectious moment that crosses into the field of everyone susceptible to contagious events. Our community, country and world are in the field of exposure . It stirs the challenge of being argumentative, moody, and silently aggravated. In the garden of our lives, these are weeds of destruction to be culled.

With this Sabian vibration, we can make conscious positive changes and release infectious creative ideas, love beyond measure, and joy that brings pleasure to our community, country and world.

The Sun and Moon in Leo are connected with Mars, who is also under the realm of the Sabian symbol. Thus, we need to watch aggressive attitudes and move into creative action. What will aid these more positive actions will be to take time to relax, play, and delight in the Sun Light of Summer.

The Moon, Sun and Mars are all arching challenges to Uranus with the Sun and Moon challenging Neptune. Ultimately, it is a challenge to all to become free and easy in the Ocean of Creativity. It is a reminder that we cannot “sleep” through the energy of creation. We can use Neptune to remind us to reverse our challenging feelings. Uranus can give us the push to unleaseh the energy within us.

The three team members (Moon, Sun, Mercury) are also arching positive grace to Chiron; creating a blessing of healing the wounds of aggravation and moodiness. Calming the field of arguments and discord, Chiron’s flow through Pisces calls on the greater inner-healer to emerge and bless our personal world and greater world.

Uranus has the grace of creative thoughts emerging as Mercury in Leo activate ideas. Use them. Uranus also creates a grace to Saturn in Sagittarius (Retrograde), reminding us to check out where are thoughts are drifting and note if they are on the journey of creative ideas, or so quick to pass through our mind we take the risk of losing an inspiration. Uranus sends a slight bit of agitation to Neptune, again calling on action in the realm of creative use of the Divine Consciousness. No going to sleep! Do something with the inner urges of creativity.

Venus in Gemini, releasing the Laws of Creative Imagination and the Attraction, sends vibes of positive energy and grace to Jupiter in Libra; while at the same time opposing the field of Saturn. In challenge to Saturn, she will call for the breakdown of old structures that can keep you from traveling into the realm of positive relationships. Venus to Jupiter will guide the romantic waves of light, the pull toward togetherness, and the ability to draw unto you the blessings of relating. Jupiter strikes a challenge to Pluto in Capricorn…calling forth the risk of change when the challenges of this New Moon take hold. Courage to tell the truth when you allow your inner confidence to come forward can create an opportunity for positive discussions (if you allow).

Blessings of First Harvest on this New Moon. It is the time to be grateful to the Creator for all you are manifesting in your life now.


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Cosmic Influence: - New Moon of Cancer


June 23, 2017 at 8:30:37 p.m. MDT, the moon meets with the Sun. Both are at 2 minutes 47 seconds in Cancer. They initiate a month of nurturing and compassion as well as birthing and fulfillment of dreams that began when they met in Capricorn six months ago.

At new moon, we flow into a dreamscape and intentional thoughts as Mercury and Mars in Cancer ramp up the field of action at new moon. What a gift, dream, focus and passion all wrapped in the cocoon of Cancer. Great time to dream and manifest your dream as Cancer prepares to give us the gift of birthing desires.

The Moon and Sun are aided in their giving energy through the Sabian Message of: A man bundled up in fur leading a shaggy dear. Oh, so many possibilities of energy assistance with this message. A coming together and releasing the old are messengers of this Sabian symbol. Keeping warm—perhaps keeping warm-hearted presents an edict of living. Uniting is a further message. Man-to-woman; ego-to-higher self creating a union of human and spirit.

Though challenges occur during this month of gentle Cancer, there are options within the vibrant guidance of the planets as they release energy to each other from the corners of the zodiac. The Moon and Sun encourage Mercury to form a strong, conscious use of one’s imagination and intuition. Communication with others will be done with feeling….something everyone desires.

Mercury aids the power of Mars to continue the communication with a thought-provoking discussion of ideas, feeling and passionate connections. Put that together with the Sun and Moon and a union can occur that clarifies and unifies.

Mars in Cancer challenges Jupiter in Libra and impedes impulsiveness so the goals you desire can be felt with clarity. This can create an opening to true expressions of reaching your goals with those you love. The blessings of family and loved ones can help ease challenges or aid in increasing them. Important to pay attention and not rush into anything.

Mars opposes Pluto in Capricorn and the intensity to make changes occur. Be sure your emotions are under your control so arguments do not get in the way of change. As Pluto is involved, the world at large needs temperance as this opposition can create violence. As Mars is in Cancer (the sign of the USA) and Pluto in Capricorn (challenging the changes in our government), we must take on the power of nurturing and compassion to make changes and avoid further turbulence and disorder.

Venus in Taurus presents the flow of Divine Grace with Pluto. Together they bring commitment to defend the right for harmony in human relationships. May they instigate peace, growth and union with a passion to turn personal and worldly relationships into new and creative means for harmony.

Mars presents the flow of Divine grace to Neptune in Pisces. Creative and inspiring energy is released. May the sound of the Divine move through the essence of every individual and continue the flow of compassion.

Jupiter influences Neptune and is initiating the power of service that can create harmony rather than one overstepping their personal boundary or the boundary of others. When this occurs, further blessings bring about union, creative harmony, and the good for all.

Saturn in Sagittarius is arching lights to Uranus in Aries. Diagnosing new and creative ideas will lead the way to achieving ones ideals.

Chiron in Pisces is being challenged by the Sun, Moon, and Saturn. If your inner wounds are coming to the surface, take the helm and create the changes. You are not a victim if you choose to see the light of actions, karmic events, and the power to choose a different plan for living empowered. You can and do take charge of your life by changing into the harmonious understanding of what choices you can make and use of attitudes for a healthy self worth.

Use the power of Nurturing and Compassion with your self and others and help create the flow of loving honor for all.


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Cosmic Influence - New Moon May 25, 2017

At 1:44:22 pm MDT the New Moon occurs. The Moon teams up with the Sun as they both align at 4 Degrees 46 Minutes of Gemini..the Twins. This is a time to be Mindful! It is a time to realize we are working in the field of Great Thinking and unifying our mind with the Divine Mind, or Twisting and Flitting Mentally. Mars remains in Gemini, thus the Fast Mind is at work and being decisive within the bounds of truth and clarity will take a greater focus on our part.

Mars is opposing the disciplined consciousness of Saturn (in retrograde) traveling through Sagittarius. A bit of a continued challenge as Saturn loses power in retrograde and most assuredly in a fiery sign. Watch out for mental burn-out when you try to work too hard at thinking without mindfulness. Mars is aided in the power of quick thinking and creative ideation as it forms a positive flow with Uranus jetting through Aries. Unique and awesome ideas can show up (but die out just as quickly if mindfulness is avoided).

The Sabian Message of the Sun and the Moon is, “A radical magazine.” Yes, it is a periodical that reports extreme points of view intended to stir the emotional and cognitive level to seek change. We seem to be quite influenced by these vibrations in our world today. However, is there a benefit from revolutionary writing and inciting messages? Within the vibration of this Sabian gift is the power to stir the creative genius that can help change the old patterns and fire up new realities. It is a call for the “Now; Newness, and Nuances” of higher wisdom to be used to create our New World.

To urge us to attention, the Moon and Sun are in a minor challenge with Mercury, who is flowing direct again in the sign of Taurus. Where the Moon and the Sun want to be free-thinking, in a realm of ungrounded thought, Mercury creates a bit of irritation, calling for grounded awareness of what benefits lie before us if we use our power to diligently think things through before we take a leap into actions that are not fully thought out.

Furthermore, Moon and Sun challenge Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. They are stirring the elements that will help use the wisdom of Allness (Pisces) and the qualities of the Rules of Governing (Capricorn), asking for major changes in our entire world. If they answer to the challenges, then the decisive energy of the higher frequency of Gemini can guide the world into a masterful place of right use of wisdom.

The Grace of the Universe is stirred as the Moon and Sun arch a higher will to Jupiter in Libra asking for Right Justice through the Grace of Benevolent choices that can harmonize a world in rift. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all in Retrograde motion, calling for deeper inner contemplation and learning how to make the changes that will support humanitarian healing for everyone. After all, it is beyond time to recognize we are One Human Family and being aware that our Cosmic Destiny (Chiron in Pisces) is to heal the world and return to our Divine Sense of Love, Liberty and Living as though All Life Matters.


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New Moon April 26 2017

Cosmic Vibrations

April 26, 2017 at 6:16:03 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time marks the moment the Moon and the Sun occupy Taurus at 6 degrees 27 minutes. Earth rides in the opposite sign of Scorpio at the same degrees and minutes. Life flooding the fields and death in the shadows of peat moss. What will we choose to grow and what will we choose to transform during this lunar month? Taurus calls for us to have ears to listen, and most particularly to our soul voice. Scorpio asks us to hear the passion of our soul as it readies for a major shift in its evolutionary process. The Moon and Sun are the leaders and what can we learn in this Taurus energy of determination, stick-to-itness, and cultivating power? Perhaps a look at the Sabian messages will give us a glimpse.

The message for the Sun and Moon states, “A woman of Samaria,” while the message for the Earth states, “Deep-sea divers.” So perfect for this lunar cycle. The woman was met by Jesus at the well. The Well, is a profound place in many philosophies, it is the place to meet Spirit, to reveal our face in the water of life, to dip into the profound wisdom of the Divine. It is the place to refresh ourselves. Jesus revealed the Messiah Light to her. Not only was this a gift of his highest essence, but a revealer of her highest essence. The moment of a deep abiding awareness occurs, a profound truth revealed.

The opposite message of the Deep-see divers call all of us to know a truth. Our Taurus time frame is a great message of growth, manifestation, and living the powers we called forth as we started our year; at least to start picking some of the flowers of our creative production. However, it is important to realize that an inner part of our selves remains in need to cultivate by diving into the core of our essence.

As a deep-sea diver (Ocean of Consciousness–Well of Knowledge) we must be prepared in order to endure the underwater-scape (our fears and phobias). We need to know how we can handle the realm of the unconscious. We must have the right mental and emotional equipment. We must know what we are seeking….Truth or something we believe will make us rich in human trades, rather than rich in spiritual knowing. For in the Truth of Spiritual Knowing all forms of riches can occur and be sustained; yet first we must know our True Spirit. If we are the seekers of the Well of Knowledge, we must be prepared to realize that a greater transformation of our inner world will take place and the forms that stomp out our Truth will be revealed in order to change and reach the true self – the Messiah within. Drink of the Water of Life and drink in the power of your Inner Being.

Immediately, we see the opposition of Sun/Moon to Earth may be a challenge, yet it carries rewards. Ultimately the reward is the seeds of soul intention rise up from the peat moss, and are revealed. With the Taurus power, we become great gardeners and can produce the living quality of our soul essence….we can reveal our own Mastery. Worthiness, talents, abundance and more will be recognizable and utilized in this realm of matter.

Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all in retrograde. Each in its own right call us inward. Contemplating who we are, how we are relating, where we are going, and to what depths we will allow ourselves to change are assisted through these vibratory patterns of the Universe. Will we express benevolently? Will we form a new order that will allow the souls of humanity to rise into a greater knowing? It is always up to us. We have the vibrations to help us cultivate the garden and bring these flowers of consciousness to be seen, enjoyed, and used to embellish the greater purpose of life.


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New Moon in Aries - March 27 2017

Cosmic Notes - New Moon

At 8:57:08 p.m., Mountain States Time, the exact moment of the New Moon occurs. This is seed-planting time for the lunar month. The seeds planted with the Aries Moon/Sun conjunction needs our devout attention….for action of our seeds is surely to move quickly into our realm, by the intentions we focus on. Be attentive, be clear, and be concise – shall be our motto for this lunar month.

The Sun and Moon meet at 7 degrees 37 minutes of the Aries pathway. Also making a journey through Aries is Mercury, Uranus, and Venus (retrograde). This is an incredible time to keep our eyes focused on the Sight the Divine has for the future. It is a time of breaking down to refine and rebuild in order to perfect our desires. It is a time in which we can work with the Divine Intelligence to reset the matrix of our intention for 2017 and clear anything from the design that will not work for us. We are working within the kiln of life to create our perfect outcome.

The Sabian message of the Sun and Moon is: “A large hat with streamers flying toward the East.” Just as Aries is a New Beginning as we live in the influence of Spring, the East represents new beginnings, new ideas, and influences coming from the Masters of a higher order. The wind is the breath of life and streamers are blown by that breath helping us connect to the higher influence. This influence can bring us the renewal of our desires we are cultivating.

The Sun and Moon are always opposite the Earth, who is riding the field of Libra and its Sabian message is: “A blazing fireplace in a deserted home.” A warm hearth waiting for its inhabitants. It is a call to find the place of one’s foundation. The smoke that billows from the chimney is similar to the streamers. Both flowing, like ideas ready to be captured and brought home.

The hat and chimney are “that which captures” the energy of the Divine Thought and allowing the creative ideas to grow. Grow with a flare of the freedom of allowing thoughts to pass through, instigate, and be influenced by the flare of the Divine Mind. For the hat on one’s head symbolizes the ability to direct our thoughts through the seat of higher awareness. It also symbolizes containing our thoughts. On the side of challenge, it can be the center thought of not being worthy of receiving the Divine Intelligence through our channel of thinking.

Mercury and Uranus (Grandfather of Mercury) will give you the sense of being blessed by the expression of the Divine. This will activate unique and stylish thoughts that immediately direct our actions. Venus (presently in retrograde), will call on us to pause, feel, cultivate and nourish the Divine Intention before rushing off with willy-nilly thoughts. Will we use this Aries power with a high intention or a personal need “to get and to have?” Or, will we use this power to formulate the right ideas from Divine inspiration and remember to cultivate it to share with others in such a way we fertilize and nurture all life?

I find it interesting that Jupiter, retrograde in Libra, is opposing Uranus, squaring Pluto in Capricorn, but in a sextile Saturn in Sagittarius. Here are where my thoughts roam with this configuration, especially given the state of our world. Jupiter is an active ruler of Judges. Libra is a sign of Lawyers, Saturn is a ruler of Laws, and Capricorn is the Ruler of Governments and Laws. As Jupiter is opposing Uranus and Mecury, this is an indication that action can be held back while the oscillation of review, assess and then take on the movement of change can occur. But it must be done under the rule of Justice (Libra). Jupiter working along side the Task Master, Saturn, in the sign of Judges and Courts (Sagittarius), opens the doorway of opportunities to evaluate the benefits of laws to be reviewed and perhaps altered. While in the challenging of irritations and agitation with Pluto in the sign of Governments and Laws (Capricorn), Jupiter will indeed keep the focus on what is truth, what is compassion, what is beneficial and what will create an injustice. Jupiter will ask all to temper their thinking (opposing Mercury in Aries) and not jump to any conclusions until the right action can occur.

Saturn does challenge the Sun and the Moon, calling our attention to not get into “lofty ideas,” but to get into the Action that is well governed by the needs of humanity. Saturn is in a Grace Pattern with Mercury and Uranus, thus encouraging ideas that can be far reaching for the individual as well as the world.

Neptune and Chiron remain in compassionate Pisces, wanting to save the world from old mistakes, old wounds, and old beliefs. May we respond with well-being and well-doing as the North Moon Node in Virgo reminds us to heal and serve and the South Moon Node reminds us to remember we are One Humanity and it is important to move out of illusion and into true compassion for the Divine intention to emerge.

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