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Cosmic Influence - New Moon - Solar Annular Eclipse

We enter a time of the New Moon on February 26, 2017 at 7:58:18 a.m. Mountain Standard Time. This is a great time to contemplate what we desire to unfold through a lunar month. It is a time to hear the inner guidance and realize the Universe aids us through the Planets and Stars in our Galaxy. We can set a focus and flow with intent. A little more information of a way to set an intent is to review the information of the Moon Mother Musing on this website page: http://facesofwomanspirit.com/monthly.php.

For now, let’s look at what the astrological review looks like for the initiating of the New Moon. It is another intense energy field as the focus is on so many planets are within the Pisces field and there is a Solar Annular Eclipse. As the Earth moves right between the Sun and the Moon, we will have the feeling that our emotions run amuck, our thoughts and intuition seem to be out of check, and our sense of self may feel as though it is lost. At the time of the New Moon, 7:48:18 a.m. a Ring of Fire occurs. The Moon passes between the Sun and Earth and a ring of fire is seen around the Sun for a small amount of time. We in Northern America will not see it. However the tip of South America and Africa will. Though we will not see it in America, we will feel the effect of the energy and it will stir us for at least six months.

New Moon time finds the Sun and Moon at 8 degrees 12 minutes in Pisces (#8 - Take Self Dominion; #12, Reverse any trend that stifles your spiritual harmony). Mercury, the South Moon Node, Neptune and Chiron are all traveling through the Piscean court of consciousness. We have an overdose of Piscean energy. We will float through the realms of our consciousness or be smart enough to find the boat of concentration that can guide us through the influences of this energy.

The Sabian message of the Moon and Sun conjoined tell us that personal innovation can occur, if we can “jockey” through our challenges. Arofessional jockey can ride a thoroughbred with great states of awareness, union with the “feel” of the horse, and awareness of the field they will traverse. The power beneath them (the movement and energy of the horse) guides them into an opportunistic position to reach their goal—-win the race. What power do have in the flow of Pisces? The Power of Oneness. How can you go wrong if you feel the power beneath you that guides you to the very goal of your desires?

All of the Piscean energy is a call to Universal Oneness and Compassion. However, it also warns us of the chances we may fall into illusion and think the ride of the race is all about winning rather than the power of innovative qualities we have within. Be of good care. Mercury in Pisces can assist us with tremendous intuition and imagination, but it can also guide us right into the inability to know our own thoughts and take the risk of living the thoughts of others.

Neptune in Pisces can guide us into the underworld of illusion, and be taken into the undercurrents of the collective field of humanity. Thus we believe others truth and not listen when a warning is occurring and fall into the habits, addictions, and performances of a group, rather than be a good listener for sharing, understanding and deciphering what fits our inner truth.

Chiron in Pisces may bring up old, deep rooted emotional pains, if we are living in our states of illusion and take us beyond our higher reason, guiding us, easily into the depths of our emotional turmoil.

Three planets are dancing through the Zodiac sign of Aries: Venus, Mars and Uranus (with the later two in a conjunction and opposing Jupiter in Libra (Retrograde). They all want to get going, be on the move, get into desires, act now, and spontaneously move into something without a deep gift of thinking and feeling its truth first. As they are opposing retrograde Jupiter in Libra…that strongest dissonance will be felt in relationships. Benevolent Jupiter will be a bit without its power as it retrogrades. Relationships may appear to collapse. Be sure it is not collapsing into illusion as a challenge occurs for Jupiter as it reaches for intuitive insights from the Moon, and Cognitive awareness through the Sun. Falling into illusion through the gateway of Neptune may occur because Jupiter will not be “picking up the vibs” from Neptune with any clarity. Squaring Pluto in Capricorn will not be of much help…the messages will seem to always be saying something may be dark and wrong or get on with it and figure it all out later.

Jupiter has many gifts that we will have to seek while in retrograde. Carrying the Law of Contractions and expansion, in retrograde it is a call to come within before taking any action. A call of inner dwelling. May the gift of inner dwelling guide you to the right alliance through the influence of a challenging New Moon. May you know the indwelling Jehovah–the Divine Master that you are.


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Cosmic Flow - New Moon December 28-29, 2016

The release of New Moon energy begins at 11:53:07 pm Mountain Standard Time. The Moon and Pluto are the most active planets arching lights to other planets. Thus, I will speak of their cosmic workings.

Wow, this will be a month of continued emotional challenges. Each individual must be aware of emotional over-reacting to others. As we often say, “Don’t take things personally.” Open to the greater purpose behind changes that offer a transmutation of your life–a perfect turn around to new expression and experiences.

The Sun and Moon, of course, dance hip-to-hip in Capricorn. They open the doorway to the Dream Master who can create a year of successful achievements. The Sabian message is, “Birds in the house singing happily.” Awesome. May you all sing from the inner house of your higher being. May what you feel (Moon) be brought to the Surface (Sun) and direct you to a higher wisdom (Moon and Sun) that will guide your year of intentions. May you regulate your life to perform at your highest intentions (Capricorn), and open to renewing your life path.

As the Moon touches each planet it will bring these gifts or challenges:

As it conjuncts the Sun, it brings home your higher intentions to achieve. Do not be narrow minded as the doorway of new expressions of self are occurring with this conjunction.

As the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Capricorn your intuition and imagination will guide your visions for the year ahead. You will speak with feeling and may indeed open your intuitive powers to read others thoughts. Be of good care…make sure you do this with awareness of what you may learn. Some thoughts of another are most certainly none of your business. Some may help you communicate with clarity.

As the Moon is in a chipping challenge with Venus in Aquarius, be cautious. Your emotional responses may effect your relationship with others. Your emotional needs may challenge your communication with others. This goes both ways, so be aware of what is being shared so you do not create conflict and challenges that drive you into a spiral of emotional beliefs in your wounded self rather than recognizing the truth in the doors of opportunities opening to a more refined and reflective power from within.

As the Moon connects with Mars in Pisces, the doorway of creative qualities may be released. Don’t let the quick release move so fast you don’t capture the inspiration. Let the doorway of your ambitions choose to use the wisdom of creative qualities you carry as internal blessings that desire to be manifest. Look for opportunities to that help you achieve your ambitions.

As the Moon connects with Neptune in Pisces, the opportunities continue to guide you through the doorways of spiritual intentions and living the sacred self. Wisdom and New Births of your most holy expressions can move forward.

The Moon and Pluto in Capricorn glide in a flow of togetherness. If you use this union wisely, you will balance your emotional self and move into the transmutation of your higher purpose. If you let the emotional flood of discontent capture you, you will continue to cover the powerful gift of your soul in evolution toward a higher intent.

Pluto’s glide to unify with the Sun in Capricorn is creating obsessive-compulsive actions that can throw you into a downward spiral of separation and intolerance. Or, it can call you to the blessing of the soul voice that guides you to achieve the union with your higher self and reach for the accomplishments of your soul purpose.

As Pluto uses the favorable side of Mars in Pisces, creative power can lead you to ideals that the Universe is calling forth to manifest in the world. You will use the energy to build positive explorations of others as they uncover their soul intention. You can be a good partner supporting change.

Pluto experiences a challenge with Jupiter in Libra. You will struggle with relating with the need of your partner or spouse as they are called to expand their personal intentions. You may feel as though you have to control outcomes. Relax, allow and transform with your partner or spouse. You will be showing them your changes as well…support the change together.

Pluto is also in a challenging arc of light with Urania in Aries. Oh, darn, things happen quicker than you want as changes occur. However, use this wisely and the freedom to explore new regions of life open for you. Take care of your own life before you think you must take care of the world at large.

Pluto receives graceful opportunities of Neptune in Pisces. Tempering the need to act irrationally (and hopefully move out of illusions), Neptune can guide the great transmutations of life through the sacred flow of Divine guidance. Spiritual/Mystical reality increases. Are you ready to cross that veil or will your remain in the victim consciousness, illusional experiences and delusional attitudes?

This is a gift of awareness that guides you to make right choices and live within the potential of directing your attention to a higher order of being with the discipline to achieve it (Saturn in Sagittarius).

May the flow of this New Moon activation guide you to utilize universal energy with a conscious intention to advance rather than dive into a darker reality!

Blessing for a great beginning of a new year.
Katherine Bell, Ph.D, D.D.


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Christmas Coal

How many times did you hear, “Be good or Santa Claus will put coal in your stocking?” It was a threat and a foretelling of what could happen on Christmas day–the grief of no presents while everyone else laughed and embellished in their toys. Being a good little girl or boy, then, became the unsurmountable chore.

I would look for Santa, hoping he would peer into the window and see I was being good. I swept the kitchen or tried to bring coffee to my mom while she was in bed. I said “please” and “thank you.” Then suddenly, my younger sister or brother brought me to the brat stage and I argued, punched or prodded them into doing something bad.

Trying to be good, just for Santa, just for presents, just for a day of joy, was the hardest reality I faced. Being good was not happening. Oh, truly, I was the “Kathy, goody-two-shoes,” to most of my family and friends. But really, I never thought I could be as good as the angels, as good as the Priest, as good as the nuns, as good as Jesus, as good as the Holy Mother…….as good as God.

The dreaded coal was what I waited for, expected to get and went to bed on Christmas eve with tears of anticipation of what my stocking would hold. I hadn’t been good enough. I hadn’t been sacred enough. But what, what was I to expect?

Okay, Christmas day came and went and I never got the coal in my stockings. Year after year the stockings were filled with candy and tiny gifts. Under the tree were delightful presents. Christmas day was filled with family fun and laughter, a large dinner and more family. Some years were different than others. But, I never, ever, ever got coal.

Well, perhaps I did and didn’t know it. Over the years, in science classes before college, and other stories, I learned that coal, when tempered releases a diamond. Though today it is widely known by geologists, this is not true. Diamonds existed before coal and are often found after a volcanic eruption that brings the diamonds up from a very deep part of Earth. Diamond mines exist and minors must go deep into a dark mine to retrieve them, but not out of coal. However, based on the first teaching that diamonds come from coal, I realized a greater gift in having coal left in my stocking or in my imagination.

Coal is used to create heat, electricity and more. Heat is the essence that gives rise in our ability to feel the inner self move us along in our life journey. Electricity gives us the jolt of light to take action and with the Leap of Faith, move forward. If using the thought that coal, when transformed can bring about a diamond, then perhaps having some in my Christmas stocking was really good.

This idea of moving from the coal to a diamond, or from coal to heat and electricity has held me captive in a most positive way. For within this gesture is a true gift. The coal, black in color and not at all translucent, represents our Raw self. Uncultured, unaware, and unsure, our raw self sets out in our life to experience many adventures. Some fantastic experiences are most challenging, but always rewarding. We may fight with the struggles of being a good person and a faulty person. However, over time, and with determination to grow, we advance into the person that we are. We move beyond our limitations and our fears of unworthiness. We reveal confidence and courage. We turn to help others. We teach and reveal by our life and our actions. We are the diamond in the rough and are polished by our life. We are the coal that heats our desires and the electricity that spurs our nature to leap and experience life well beyond our fears.

This Christmas, look for that Coal in your Stocking and set it in a place of honor. You deserve it. You are the Light that Emits from it and your life-journeys prove it. Your Coal represents the Diamond you truly are.

Merry Holidays, no matter what you honor during this season. May blessings follow you all year long.

Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.


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Grace of the Holy Spirit

Gifts You Have Not Had to Earn

The Spirit of All Life, The Holy Spirit, embedded within our very soul the powerful gifts that allow us to follow the self governance of Free Will. These gifts we have not had to earn. They are Her Graces. These gifts we may create as challenges, but we can never, ever loose them. Our Free Will is our power to utilize them at their purest level. If at any point we discover we are using our Free Will to create challenges with the Graces, it is up to us to “re-order” out thinking, feelings and actions in order to manifest these Graces at the highest levels of our self.

The Graces

* Discernment Through Intelligence

- The power to discern provides us the wisdom for making right choices to unfold our life in ways that provide us abundance in all areas of our living.

- Intelligence is the right use of your logical and intuitive qualities. Without the right use of both you likely will make unconscious choices that challenge us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

* Healing Through Compassion

- Healing is the power that balances us physically through diseases, mentally through minor to major dysfunctions, emotionally when disturbances have us lost in the darkness of the past, the traumas of abuses, and the shadow of unworthiness, and spiritually when we have lost our way and forget there is the Holy Spirit as the Indwelling Spirit that constantly guides us.

- Compassion is the gentle love we give our self and others. The understanding that the shadow effects are great challenges, yet the power of change is the quality of healing and a greater capacity within each of us. It does not ask of us to interfere with another’s process, but to give from the heart, love from the spirit, and honor their course.

* Faith through Knowing

- Faith is the gift of knowing that all that is occurring in our life is the pathway to what our soul and the Holy Spirit intend for us to experience. It is the gift of knowing that we are on the right track no matter how it may seem in any moment and particularly through great and seemingly dark passageways of personal experiences.

- Knowing is the ability to realize that we are in the stream of the Universe and all is perfect. Knowing is the gift of realizing that what we are creating and asking for will and does occur at the very right moment of our life.

* Creative Potential

- Creative power is an inner gift to shape our lives from unique qualities of our inner being. We can dream, design and manifest an outcome. There is no person without creative qualities. Each person simply needs to know this and then choose the path to unfold their creations. A scientist, a maid, an artist, a street cleaner, a writer, a shore man/woman, a singer, a teacher, a student, a policeman/woman, a mother/father, a reverend, a counselor….I think you get it… everyone has the gift of creating within them. We all carry the knowing we are creators creating.

- Potential is the opportunity to use the creative power. Every option to choose how to use this potential is encoded within the soul level of each being. Again the power of Free Will and Choice are called for to use this Grace. Each person much know they are the guardians, caretakers, and designers of the potential. No hesitation, take action to live the Creative Potential to manifest what is needed in your world.

* Mastery

- Jesus, Buddha, and other Masters are simply the reflection of who we are and what we can achieve. It is a Grace seeded within us to be the Master of our self, our world, and our present reality. Mastery is the Grace of being in Oneness with the Divine Consciousness of the Holy Spirit. Mastery is the gift to harmonize all aspects of our self.

* Prophesy

- Yes, prophesy is a Grace given. It is the power to speak with the Divine. It is the Grace of Divine Inspiration known and used. It is an ability to predict what lies ahead. All other Graces are given and with this one, it is our responsibility to activate it.

* Miracle Working

- As with prophesy, this Grace is given yet, within each one of us, the previous Graces need to be used so this Grace can be easily lived.

- Miracle Working is the power to be an agent of extraordinary and inexplicable change. It is a wisdom and a gift to know the blessing of the Master within all beings and “see” this mastery, invoke its presence, and honor the loving essence of the change of imbalance to balance.

May you all recognize the Graces of the Holy Spirit and live them in your personal reality. Keep remembering a Grace is a blessing given without you having to earn the right to receive it.

As we are now fully involved in the holidays, do remember the Graces you have and are constantly gifted with to live empowered, to share, and to honor.

Happy Holidays and Many Blessings Everyone! May your live’s be filled with Love!


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New Moon - Oct 30 2016 - Cosmic Influences

Cosmic Vibrations

New Moon begins at 11:38:07 a.m. MDT on October 30th. Just a day before Halloween and the New Year’s Eve of the Celts. Be sure to check out the message and ritual for Samhain: http://facesofwomanspirit.com/pdf/Samhain2016.pdf. For now, it is time to look at the power of the Heavenly Lights revealing pathways of awareness. The Focus of the cosmic vibrations is on the Mystical Triangle as the arcing lights reveal this sacred geometry in the heavens. Of course, the power of Scorpio – the great changer is occurring. This power releases from our soul quality changes that we cannot avoid nor cannot change. If we allow, we move through the changes with grace. If we fight the change, we move through with tremendous difficulty and believe we are being punished by the Great One of the Universe. We forget we are that Great One manifested in our individual form.

Of course, at New Moon, the luminaries of the Moon and the Sun are conjoined. They influence each other. For us, there are sending arcs of light to our emotional/intuitive natures (Moon) and our cognitive/higher self natures (Sun). Both are at 07 degrees 43 minutes in the realm of Scorpio. The Sabian message lures into a base of wisdom, The Moon Shining Across the Lake,” is a message very conducive to the Scorpio master consciousness. It portends of the possibilities we can experience: the forgotten treasures left only in reflective waters. It reminds us we must dip into our inner self to obtain the treasures or time is wasted, pursuits forgotten, promises are unfulfilled, abundance lost on all levels is our pursuance. This is a warning message. It calls us to be willing to look beyond the reflection and enter the place of greater wisdom and intuitive direction….our Inner Self and Higher Self.

The Moon and Sun in Scorpio (along with Mercury at 9 degrees Scorpio) will help us get to the Treasure for they initiate the arcing lights of a secret Mystical Triangle (doorway to the treasure). They apply an Arc of Light in a Trine (120 degrees - Grace with the blessings to blend influences harmoniously, smoothly and easily for a joint use of Divine energy) to Neptune and the South Moon Node in Pisces; both in Retrograde energy release. They send the Arc of Light in a sextile (60 degrees - Supportive and opportunistic energy allowing favorable interaction and positive relating) to the North Moon Node in Virgo, also Retrograde. The North Moon Node sends an arc of light (120 degrees) to Earth in Taurus and the Earth vibrates an arc of light to Neptune and the South Moon Node at (60 degrees). These most favorable lights activate the Sacred Geometry of a Mystical Triangle. What might we recognize within this Mystical Rectangle? A great power to feel the vibration of our soul, hear its voice, and make the transitions necessary to live the Grace of Compassion, the Will of Love, and the Power to Procreate in all levels of our being. This treasure reveals the greatest knowledge of the mystical universe. It instills a great desire within us to research the meaning of life as we know it, can know it and can live it. It is an energy providing the evolution of soul intentions for the Universal Soul as well as our own individual soul. Will we respond in the Law of Cosmic Rhythm as the North and South Moon Node are activated. It reminds us that nothing in the universe ever dies, it just changes form. Adhering to the Cosmic rhythm our heart and soul accomplishments can occur. The power to Serve and Heal, change and rebirth is activated. As the Earth is brought to the flow of the Mystical Triangle, we will find the doorways to balance our Inner (Moon) and Higher (Sun) Self in our personal world. We will complete the gifts of manifesting our highest intentions through the power of transformation. Neptune will guide us through the gates of our soul rhythm, move us into the Ocean of Consciousness and help us reverse the trends that keep us from birthing the healthier, happier, more sacred self.

Oh, yes, we will have agitations to help move us out of illusions. Pluto and Mars in Capricorn send challenging notes of light and sound to Jupiter in Libra and the North Moon Node in Virgo. Change is occurring, like it or not. Change in our government and our laws (Capricorn) will effect the harmony and glory of our self and our nation. Changes in our Service in the realm of cosmic rhythm will take on a new stage of Worldly transformation to reverse the trends as we know them now. Saturn and Venus track these fields of light in Sagittarius to Jupiter in Libra and call out for the power to form supportive relationships that allow the freedom to interact favorably to the Light of Change. Uranus in Aries is in retrograde and cannot strongly feel the messages of the Sun and Moon, thus may quiet some action that could tear our foundation apart radically. Of Course, May Peace Prevail in each person, in our nation and in our world. May no radical vibration engineer displacement of our higher values. May the Grace of Light from Saturn and Venus meet the essence of Uranus and assist in the desire to make positive change in light and harmony come quickly, abundantly and compassionately without a huge disturbance in harmonious living. May all be expanded to live in Grace and Harmony!

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