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Cosmic Influence of New Moon - March 17, 2018

So much goes on in the sphere of the stars and planets and the sky of this New Moon is no different. We are preparing for another retrograde of Mercury. In fact we are in its shadow as it appears to slow down, on March 24 we acknowledge it is retrograde, then, Apr 16 it returns to forward motion again. However, it won’t return to it point of initiating the retrograde until May 3rd. Thus we have quite a bit to review and get back on track with our thoughts becoming active expressions in our personal reality.

New Moon reveals the Moon and Sun are at 26 degrees 53 minutes in Pisces. We will be a bit dreamy. We will have the blessings of recognizing how we all are part of the whole. As the two square Mars, we may feel the need to be spiritual warriors for the entire world. A challenge may be that we are influenced by the entire world and not be able to make our own decisions. As Chiron is just a couple of degrees ahead of these two luminaries, we surely will feel the world-wide wounds of society. Yet, we are called to move into the active realities of self in relationship with the whole and maintain a strength in our personal qualities of truth and integrity while our whole world looks for the power of change that Mars can bring as it continues to finish its journey in Sagittarius and prepares to enter Capricorn by March 18th (where its power is exalted).
Interestingly the Sabian symbol message of the Sun and the Moon is “Harvest Moon.” Perhaps a great question to ask is what are we as a collective humanity harvesting? And “what am I harvesting.”

Since Mars is the great field of activity with the Moon and Sun, its Sabian Message is, “The Pope blessing the faithful.” What active blessings will we see during this vital initiation of the New Moon and its lunar cycle. For the Pope represents our Higher Self. Mars within Sagittarius has been asking us to actively seek higher wisdom. Have you been faithful in doing so? Look for your blessings. When Mars enters Capricorn, we may feel the blessing from our Inner Pope.

Venus, Mercury and Uranus are all in the active field of Aries. The Moon will join them quite soon during this day. This stellium can stir your creative ideas and desires to share them with the rest of the world. Ideas will flow fast, but may get stuck in the, “How do I achieve this creative flow for manifestation?” This occurs because Venus is challenging the field of Saturn in Capricorn and since she is tightly connected with Mercury and Mercury is slowing down, you may be stifled for a bit. What to do? Let time pass, let ideas roam through your creative process and then taken off with the unique plan that surfaces from your inner wisdom.

Since Jupiter in Scorpio (retrograde) has a flow of energy coming from the Moon and Sun, calling for ease and grace, use this blessing. Go inside and hear the message of Great Mystery and then expand it through the creative ideas and impulses you receive.

Keep in mind that challenges are the agitations that ask for change and forethought that will help you make the change(s) that appear in your world. Challenge does not have to look like defeat. They are the blessings that provide moments of review, contemplation and new actions.

Enjoy another wonderful lunar month that is leading us into Spring Equinox and fresh new grow.


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Cosmic Influence -New Moon February 15, 2018

At 2:05:06 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, the New Moon is in exact position with the Sun in the Sign of Aquarius. They are at 27 Degrees, 7 minutes. Mercury is also moving through the final stages of Aquarius right along with them at 25 Degrees 49 minutes.

We have a blessing of this New Moon to finish what we began just before we enter the ocean of Pisces. With the Mercury aspect of being mentally attentive, it behooves us to remember this quality when we start dipping into the illusionary patterns that Pisces can bring. We can choose to use the greater wisdom of Pisces: to find our sacred self, understand we are all one, with compassion celebrate each other in this vast ocean of life, and finally to remember to live sacredly and wisely as the master we truly are.

The wisdom of the Sabian message of the Moon and Sun, “A tree felled and sawed,” indicates a completion and reward of a task. It is a here, now, and a future blessing to occur (most definitely an Aquarius messenger). The tree sawed may provide fuel in our fire pit, the frame of our future home, perhaps a beautiful art piece, or a utensil to be used for our daily needs.

At the same time, the tree “is felled” can reveal something dying and being chewed up (saw) in a cruel manner or deadly expression. We will have to reach into blessings in order to know how to use this field of consciousness. What ever is preparing to be felled, we have the power to reach a greater insight (Aquarius = Transpersonal Intelligence) and transform the reality (death) into the compost of a rich fertilizer to create something new.

With Mercury aligned in the field with the Sun and Moon, we can hold a focus, such as suggested in the Sabian message of the quality of “A hydrometer .” This instrument measures density of fluid, most often water. Thus, we need to measure, with a clear focus, that which drives our emotions (water), our inner creative voice (water), and our intuition (water). What must we measure? Whatever is holding us in rigid thinking/emoting. For if we continue to hold on to the old, we become the individual whose head (old thinking) is cut off, but regrows in the very same manner (such as the head of Hydra of Greek Mythology).

We have an option to remain suspended or to measure our emotions and our intellect to recognize how we are using them. We have the option to remain focused on our higher intentions so we can dip into the sacred ocean of wisdom as Mercury, the Moon and the Sun prepare to enter the slippery field of Pisces. Or, we remain in the power of indifference and get swallowed in illusion and the ocean of a negative collective consciousness.

Illusion or creativity. Ignorance or Intelligence, we are on the precipice of choice. Will we remain frozen mentally and emotionally, and unable to make a change? Or, will we use the power to create something totally different (Venus in Pisces) and reverse the trend of old thinking and feeling (Neptune in Pisces), and heal that which ails us (Chiron in Pisces)? Will we use the challenge of Jupiter to transform?

Jupiter is in Scorpio challenging the Moon, Sun, and Mercury. The benevolent energy of Jupiter is contracting into the darkness of Scorpio, yet willing to grab the power of wisdom that can agitate us to the moment of change. Will we use the bite of the snake to make the choice to discontinue the poison of challenges? Will we use the power of the Phoenix to rise up within through the wisdom of change and birth a new realty? Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) passing through Capricorn will give us a kick of positive energy as Jupiter presents the growing vibration of options and opportunities as it arcs light to Pluto. I see this as an opportunity to use that blessing of the Phoenix and rise well over the mountain of our challenges. Let’s achieve it together! We can.

Mars in Sagittarius is presenting a challenge to Neptune drawing attention to the power to clean out, clean up and reverse the tends that stifle us. Mars is calling for our heads to be in focus while our eyes see what the Divine intention truly is. Will we respond to the gifts of cycles and phases of the ever moving Moon Nodes? Mars is calling us to take hold of the wisdom of Self Dominion (connecting to the North Node in Leo) and stand out with our talents. At the same time, Mars is asking us to recall that we know how to do this with others (connecting to the South Node in Aquarius) and use the transpersonal wisdom of wholeness. The call is filled with grace and opportunities to grow, expand and move beyond a limited “I am a victim and no one sees me,” that Mars can generate in the field of challenge. We are in charge of our reality, thus, we can choose how to use this powerful energy.

Saturn in Capricorn is being blessed by the nurturing and creative element of Venus in Pisces. May we all dip into the water and return to our Earthly state with the blessings of sacred wisdom leading our stamina, sturdiness, and stubborn ability to achieve what is the plan of our soul.

Blessings of the New Moon,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.


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Cosmic Influence -New Moon January 16, 2018

Wow, my birth country, Capricorn, is filled by 6 influencing energies: Moon, Sun, Venus, Pluto, Mercury and Saturn. Power is prevalent on the new moon at 7:17:08 p.m. Mountain Standard Time. These planetary energies are ready to take action within the strength and the foundation of Capricorn. In fact, January 16th is my birthday…what an incredible time I’m ready to initiate and experience.

Capricorn provides the understanding of how to be an incredible achiever. The Goats powerful ability to climb to the top of the mountain is a fit description of Capricorn consciousness. It is the “stick to it until it is complete,” qualities that bring out the power of success. Being very responsible is a trait of Capricorn. Being serious, determined and dedicated encourage the nature of responsibility. Seeking the highest and best is an obvious drive. Blessings within Capricorn is the gift of mirth –the ability to laugh and be amused and amusing. Thank God/Goddess for this trait otherwise one takes their own self too seriously and this can surely happen with this New Moon with the stellium of 6 planets traversing its field.

Of course, this energy will have a very strong effect on our entire world. At New Moon it sets and energy to unfold. Interestingly, as we watch our government and governments around the world twitch, challenge and be challenged, and create the “who will achieve?” the success of their country or the success of the individual in charge of their countries desires, Capricorn is the field to bring it all to the top of the peak. May we pray for positive achievements!

Everyone in the world, in their own life, will be feeling the deep desires of achievement, the power to create without hesitation, communicate in the terms of their nature, transmute the old and deliver a new structure, if necessary, will be prevalent. I encourage the thoughtfulness of mirth so seriousness does not get in our way.

Looking at the Sabian Message for the Sun and Moon gives us an insight for initiating and planting the seeds of this month ahead. It reads, “A mountain pilgrimage.” Awareness is a quality that will aid our pilgrimage up the mountain of our personal and worldly intentions. It calls us to a sacred intention. It encourages us to wander through the fields of our mind and the cliffs of our adventures to expose the motivation we carry within our mind, heart and soul. This New Moon provides us with a power to be saturated with our Peak Desires accomplished as we traverse the month ahead. How will the other planets help us?

Venus calls for us to be aware of our visions, desires and unity with others. Are those we meet supporting the vision of our pilgrimage? Or are we all in the display of only our self is important and all other communication is unworthy of our listening.

Mercury will provide communications with the angels that call us to the attention of higher purpose and communication with others that is interdependently supporting the greater good that will be known at the top of the mountain. May we not be “harpies” to each other, trying to get all to pay attention to our way only. We need to communicate within the bounds of knowing we never climb a mountain alone, we need assistance and listening to another persons venture may help us clarify ours.

Saturn provides us the action of purpose with the seriousness to achieve with the intention to be successful. But in its position in Capricorn it wants again calls for a group of people to go together on the journey…one supporting others, others supporting one. A gift to create and accomplish our achievement requires others to help us move through pathways of life. Party together. Celebrate each others journey.

Pluto continues to ask us to make a sacrifice of the old realities. To rise like the Phoenix and hear the choir of angels singing out in a revelry that celebrates our sacrifices and power to life our voices together to great the sound that delivers the light of a new reality.

It is important that we take a look are our Natal chart and the conjunction we have with the patterns of this New Moon. All of these planets will grace my 8th and 9th house, allowing for a deeper union with the mysteries of the Universe and then stirring the elements within me to achieve a higher level of my spiritual consciousness (a never ending quest). What does it offer to you. This is a field of energy that will have a great effect on you.

There are no planets in retrograde at New Moon. Saturn is settling into Capricorn and will continue to influence us in this field for the next two to two and ½ years. This of Saturn as the hooves of the goat in movement. Climb your mountains with integrity, rich intentions, determination and devotion to a higher expression.


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Cosmic Influence - New Moon December 17, 2017

The final New Moon of the year occurs at 11:30:20 p.m. Mountain Time. It ends the year and begins the year as the lunar cycle reaches into January. It is delightful to see that the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Venus and Mercury (retrograde) in Sagittarius. As we delve deeper into holidays, we have this benevolent influence of Sagittarius to lead us through activities. Perhaps we might call this the Santa Claus energy and discover that giving and receiving is a joyful blessing. Most certainly, a desire to honor the sacred time of year will fill your mind and heart with the union of these planets in Sagittarius.

While Mercury is retrograde, I would remind you to pause and think before you act, speak or even buy gifts. You want clarity in all areas. Mercury retrograde can create disjointed thinking. To be aware helps you use the reasoning and sympathetic skills of Mercury and Sagittarius. To fall asleep simply assists in making challenges more prevalent.

The loving nature of the union of the Moon and Venus will surely help as initiating energy of the lunar cycle. A little more yielding to the needs of everyone may help any rigid need to take control or act as the controller of all activities.

The Moon connected to Saturn can create prominent feelings of belonging within the circle of family. May you use a pattern of inner strength and determination that guides you through joy rather than feeling you must defend yourself within or struggle with disappointments within your family dynamics.

A note about Saturn: It is at 29 degrees 46 minutes within the Sagittarius zodiac of lights. It is at a prominent position that calls us to attention as it finishes it journey through this zodiac. Have we learned what it provided during this cycle? This alignment over the past 2 + years has asked each of us to evaluate our desires, seek to know the truth within our personal drive to succeed, and to be careful not to be such a task master that we forget the power of benevolence. This cycle has guided many through educational programs, self discovery beyond the confines of our every day experiences, and a quality to breakdown old boundaries. Saturn is moving toward the zodiac sign of Capricorn. It will be at home, comfortable and aiding the power of a new regime of rules and regulations. Will they fit our psyche or create more of a fluster? Will the directions of our Laws change for the better that we may get to the top of the mountain? The turn of achievement may be great if we, the human self, has made the turn upward into our spiritual domain and are willing to draw into our earthly domain the higher wisdom. We must be as patient and as adept as the mountain goat…persevering to reach the highest qualities within and reflect it to all.

Let the Moon and Sun connection fill you with the light of joy and new adventures as you prepare to be with family and friends during the weeks of sacred holidays and opening the doors to a New Year! Perhaps the Sabian message can spirit ideas within you.

The Moon and Sun unify at 26 degrees 31 minutes of Sagittarius. This benevolent sign does ask of us to enter the field of holidays with a loving, caring, and honor for all. It calls us to be alert to the power and gifts we can share and gamble on the goodness of others. Take a risk and enjoy. The power of these two heavenly lights are supported by Mercury Venus and Saturn all in the pathway of Sagittarius and willing to initiate goodness a few days before Winter Solstice and Christmas. The Sabian message, “A gypsy coming out of the forest,” reminds us of coming out of the dense thickness of our mind, and into the free realm where we can use our passion, our willingness to wander about our world and be seen. Carefulness is necessary. For remember, gypsy’s have a reputation of being gay and passionate as well and representations of fraud, lies, thievery, and overall a dark part of the mind. If we are going to bring those qualities of our self out into the open, may it be to clear and revitalize our higher self. Let us be gay and merry, but not thieves, liars, and filled with prejudice. May we use the wisdom of being aware, opening to flexibility, and leave our mark upon the world with the blessings of knowing our future is carved out with positive event, prosperity to be experienced, and creative powers to be used. No need to take from others for what is within us will bring the rewards.

May we not allow old wounds to surface as Chiron is challenged by the Sun, the Moon, and Venus. May allow ourselves to move forward and upward in the knowing that the past is done and new beginnings are stirring. We can create, we are creators, and we will create our out come for this lunar month and move into the new year with our own gift and manifesting in tact.


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New Moon - November 18, 2017

COSMIC INFLUENCE - New Moon November 18, 2017

In the wee hours of the morning, 4:42:03 a.m. MST to be exact, the Sun and Moon are joined together in Scorpio. Also aligned in Scorpio are Venus and Jupiter. Light and dark are joining forces and aiding us in deepening our inner wisdom as we discover greater resources of our Divine Self, our passion, and our higher purpose.

Scorpio takes the rap for the darkness and Jupiter begins the expansion of light. Venus reminds us to know our worth, our purpose and our passion (as does Scorpio). This New Moon is a great time to seed our impassioned desires with the Light of Higher Purpose and prepare to see them expand through our human endeavors.

The Sabian Symbol message of the Sun and Moon at 26 degrees 19 minutes in Scorpio reads: “A military band on the march.” Military, marching, and band provide a vision of precision, unity, and celebration. To march with exactness requires awareness, good balance, and maintaining the ability to keep in step with others. Inappropriate actions of one that make the team of marchers loose their precision, creates disharmony and chaos.

With that said, is there precision we all need right now to march with the inner power of our soul? Are we trying to march to a different beat than our higher self is asking? In order to connect to the soul voice within, we are called to reach into the darkness of our internal consciousness. We may not readily listen to, know about, or feel it on a daily basis. It takes practice, purpose, and a desire to do so. Scorpio energy helps us do just that. Jupiter helps us contract and move our mind within so we may expand the inner knowledge and cultivate it in our ordinary reality. Venus guides us to foster the growth and nurture our inner relationship to our higher self.

The Moon and Sun are casting favorable light to Chiron (retrograde in Pisces) encouraging the grace of healing old wounds. As we experience this arc of energy, we can also move deeper into the sacred wisdom of Divinity. If we are not using our intuition (moon) and our heart-mind (Sun), we can guide ourselves into the illusion of desires of “wanna be” rather then the reality of a higher truth (Pisces). We might need a bit of agitation to keep us alert and awake.

Mars in Libra is agitating Pluto in Capricorn, and thus aiding the power to be alert and awake. We are called to form an active (Mars) relationship (Libra) with our power to transmute (Pluto) our position of inner authority (Capricorn). When we let this cosmic power guide us, we can do that. We can take the true authority of our higher self, call it forward in our cognitive consciousness, and purposefully live it in the wide open expression of our daily activities.

Mercury in Sagittarius is arcing a light to Mars in Libra, helping us maintain a higher mental attention to living in a passionate relationship with our higher essence. Mercury is gaining a closeness to Saturn in Sagittarius, thus using the power to create the right discipline to keep the focus on our impassioned higher self, rather than dipping into the sludge of fear.

Fortunately, Saturn is arcing a flow with Uranus (retrograde in Aries). Together they are supporting change in unexpected ways. The retrograde essence of Uranus allows us to take a few moments, at least, to think before we leap into action and assure ourselves that we can move in positive new directions of consciousness.

Venus and Jupiter are sharing the wisdom that keeps us from getting stuck in darkness. As they bring love, benevolence and the desire to travel through corridors of wisdom, they arc lights to Neptune (retrograde in Pisces). They are sending their vibrations that present us with the courage to seek wisdom of the great mysteries, compassion of the Creator, and sacredness in living.

May the vibrations of the New Moon encourage all to agree to enter the deeper river of consciousness that leads us to greater knowledge of our Divine Self. May we prepare to enter the land of gratitude and support of all that is good.

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